100 years of suppressed cancer cures

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The blue scorpion venom, endemic to Cuba, has emerged as a cure for cancer in thousands of cases, according to its discoverer, but oncologists still hold some reservations about its health benefits.

About 60,000 people have tested this derivative toxins "Rhopalurus junceus" the blue scorpion from the biologist Misael Bordier began to apply at Guantanamo in eastern Cuba to fight cancer in the early 1990's .

The process, Bordier said, is simple: take the poison through a system of electrical stimulation, and combined with distilled water to achieve a solution whose composition depends on the type of cancer and the patient's condition.

The compound, the biologist dubbed "escozul" and distributed free of charge is applied orally, by aerosol or douching, and doses were based on medical records of patients.

Bordier, which registered the patent in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba in 1995, said the prepared encapsulated tumor and ends removed, and their side effects are minimal overdosage.

The blue scorpion venom contains a protein chain that attacks cancer, although "we do not know exactly which of the chain is at work.

That's what to look for and synthesize (laboratory), "he admitted.

The results, he said, are strong, successful in 97 percent of patients without prior chemotherapy.

However, those undergoing chemotherapy or surgery, has only achieved 40 percent improvement, compared with a mortality of 60 percent.

"We do not know the cause of the death toll in these patients, but in all cases has improved the quality of life of patients," he said.

The "escozul" also acts as "immuno-modulator," raising the defenses, allowing its application in patients with AIDS, said Bordier, which is ten HIV positive and has had only one casualty.

Bordier, which saw the venom in animals for ten years, people started treatment at the request of the families of two terminally ill.

Niurys Monzon was the first patient with pancreatic cancer at age 15 forced her to undergo chemotherapy and three operations.

Niurys experience, now 29, took his father, Jose Felipe Monzon, Bordier assist in the expansion of treatment, opening an office in Jaguey Grande, in the center of the island.

Monzon, who treats about 6,000 people and has a farm with 3,000 scorpions, blue is reluctant to promote the product because "there is no response for all patients."

The principles, explained in an interview with EFE, were not easy, because "I was often branded as witches and worse."

Everything but believes Oswaldo sorcerer, prostate cancer patient, who has three months to "escozul" combined with the advice of your oncologist.

Iliana collected every two months the dose of her mother, "much improved" from its laryngeal cancer, although "her doctor has her not to take it and continue treatment without telling him."

Monsoon is aware that many oncologists reject the "Blue Hope" as the patients speak of "escozul" but favors reconcile it with traditional medicine.

Last year, the Institute of Oncology of Cuba requested the medical records of patients for follow-up.

Amazagás ​​Lorenzo, Deputy Director of the Evaluation Unit of the Institute anticancer products, considers that there are scientifically proven results "escozul."

"It has been used empirically (...) is evaluated and we can not recommend it because there is still no scientific evidence," he said.

Despite the lack of evidence, admits Labiofam, the main laboratory of Cuba, is set in the product "has hatcheries (scorpion) and try to stabilize it."

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