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Of Arab origin , the hummus was not well known until relatively recently when its expansion in the U.S. has been such that the industry has grown from hummus , according to the New York Times, a turnover of five million dollars a year ago 15 530 million years .

This paste of chickpeas with lemon juice, paste sesame seeds, known as tahini, and olive oil , can be accompanied by garlic, paprika , olives , pita bread or fresh vegetables, according to local varieties and traditions although versions art can accompany a few crusts of corn or wheat.

Among the keys to success in the Western world of this popular dish throughout the entire Middle East , including Israel , Lebanon , Palestine , Turkey, Greece , Syria , Armenia and Cyprus are the great benefits it can bring to humans .

We discuss the reasons why we should eat more hummus often , in addition to its flavor :

1. High in protein

Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos says Fitness magazine in the magazine , as the hummus is so rich in protein, helps fight hunger pangs and keeps blood sugar levels due to low glycemic value.

This is what makes the hummus is present in the diets of many athletes because it not only provides protein , but are easily assimilated by the body and high quality.

And although the pita bread is not the worst thing you can eat , you can substitute vegetables like carrots or celery to accompany it.

2. Nutritional contribution:

Besides protein, hummus contains high doses of minerals such as iron , phosphorus , potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as vitamin B , niacin , folic acid , thiamin and riboflavin , which helps to protect and enhance the status of the different organs of our body and the muscular and nervous system.

Thanks to these minerals chickpea hummus becomes a very beneficial food in times of stress , irritability , nervousness and sleeplessness .

It is also an ideal course if diet for hypertension, kidney stones and uric acid to remove thanks to a strong diuretic effect.

Its rich in folic acid does recommended in pregnancy because the fetus prevent deformity , aid in the development of the fetal brain and promotes the welfare of the mother.

Retinol helps to get a much more elastic and young tissues.

Iron helps increase energy and keeps the motivation to exercise.

Three . under fat content

Hummus fat intake is high , and also the amount of essential fatty acids is suitable for the proper functioning of organism .

Among the unsaturated fatty acids it provides, linoleic acid and oleic acid help maintain cells in perfect condition.

Furthermore, the high content of Omega 3 fatty acid helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and sharpen intelligence.

4 . Carbohydrates and fiber

The hummus is also notable for the amount of healthy carbohydrates and slow absorption which provide energy to stay active longer but with sugar levels tightly controlled blood, so it is beneficial for diabetics who must control their levels glucose and prevent insulin resistance , pre- diabetes phase .

It also highlights the amount of fiber contained in this dish , which is very beneficial for maintaining a sleek body and free of toxins and promote digestive tract , which is important for the prevention of colon and rectal cancer and simultaneously prevent and improve constipation.

May . Antidepressant effects

Eating hummus produces serotonin , the happiness hormone , as in antidepressants.

According to research conducted by Israeli scientists the cause of the welfare state caused a bowl of hummus sprinkled with olive oil and sprinkled with paprika to consumers is that it contains an amino acid known as triptofen that, in large quantity, produces serotonin .

Archaeologist Abi Gofer , one of the researchers explained that a plate of hummus more than satisfies the appetite and helps sleep.

Furthermore, in the case of women , " ovulation contributes to become pregnant and faster ."

6. Helps reduce cholesterol

The high protein and low fat and fiber content of chickpeas makes help regulate cholesterol levels .

7. Chickpeas help reduce cancer risk

Phytic acid and saponins compound help defend cell genetic damage that causes cancer .

Foods containing folate reduce the risk of developing colon or rectal cancer because it promotes the growth of good bacteria in the colon.

8. It's the best that can be spread on bread

Instead of butter, cheese spread , chocolate cream or similar foods , hummus is the best that can be spread on bread if you want to maintain a healthy diet and can even accompany salmon , boiled eggs, peppers.

Also be used in place of mayonnaise ( both fat ) in some salads .

10. Antioxidant Effects

One of the main ingredients is garlic hummus that besides its perfect flavor in this dish , has a powerful antioxidant effect, is a natural antibiotic and has strong germicidal powers.

Some studies garlic also has stimulant properties of the activity of the digestive organs and beneficial for respiratory problems .

10. 's Very easy to make at home

The hummus is a very simple dish to make at home .

It just takes a pot of chickpeas, garlic , olive oil , tahini (you can buy in supermarkets , health food shops , grocery products Arabs ... ) , lemon juice and salt.

Just mix the ingredients in a bowl and beat with mixer until a smooth creamy texture.

When serving you can garnish with some sweet (or spicy) paprika , sesame seeds , a drizzle of olive oil and some fresh chopped parsley .

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