100 years of suppressed cancer cures

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes - Gregg Braden

Anvirzel is a patented extract from the Nerium Oleander, a common house plant.

It is very toxic, the plant, that is, and if you insist on eating it, it will kill you.

However, the extract (Anvirzel) has been the twenty year study of a Dr Ozel from Turkey.

Dr Ozel foolishly told everyone that his drug could cure cancer.

It is pretty harmless.

There is no known overdose amount. It is not as safe as water, but it's not nearly as dangerous as Vioxx.

But Dr Ozel really goofed, and foolishly told the authorities that his drug could cure cancer, and that vanquished your chances getting this substance right now; this substance that is as safer than Tylenol.

Dr Merrill Garnett, on the other hand, after creating Poly-MVA, registered it in Mexico as an antioxidant.

Poly-MVA can be bought over the counter. Anvirzel can only be gotten by flying down to Honduras and spending a week at a hospital.

And then, if you want it, you will pay 10 times its cost of production (minimum) when  Poly-MVA isn't even sold at double its cost. Good move, Dr Ozel.

Anvirzel is a drug of the future (you can't get it presently). It certainly doesn't fall into any categories of present day chemotherapeutic drugs.

According to our sources, studies prove it is non toxic. Secondly, studies show it attacks tumors; studies in bladder cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer show very very positive results.

Thirdly, it seems to boost the patient's immune system (chemotherapy to date has destroyed immune systems on a regular basis).

And finally, Anvirzel has a role in uncovering the cancer cells: it seems that cancer cells camouflage themselves and hide from the immune cells.

Anvirzel helps the immune system hunt them out, directing the attack on cancer cells.

Anvirzel is made in Texas presently, but is available only in Honduras.

You can fly down to Honduras to get a six month supply, costing under $9,000.00.

The FDA has approved clinical trials at the Cleveland Cancer Clinic.

So far, we've heard nothing.

We have been told by an insider that the Anvirzel in Honduras might not be the same Anvirzel being tested in the US.

However, this person is presently being tried in federal court for a number of schemes, including hawking an ethanol extracted Oleander drug from Russia called Xenavex.

Now even though Anvirzel comes from a plant and has no toxicity, it is considered a drug. If passed by the FDA (the gov't agency that runs a protection racket for the pharmaceutical industry), expect an over-the-counter version to be used as a preventative and immune system booster.

Reports that slipped out in late 1999 showed that Anvirzel reversed AIDS, no matter what the phase of the disease, arthritis, psoriasis, hepatitis C, and even diabetes in some cases. Initially, Anvirzel was thought to work only on cancers found early, however, very positive results have been found in people given just weeks to live.

To top this all off, Anvirzel seems to be the first cancer remedy to show positive results for leiomyosarcoma, probably the deadliest of cancers.

Anvirzel also crosses the blood-brain barrier (like Poly-MVA) and gives hope to people with brain tumors.

If given a chance, this could turn the world of medicine upside down: sometimes cancer cannot be controlled or conquered simply because the organs it has attacked are too far gone.

Anvirzel reduces pain, allowing the patient to die with dignity at home, with very little, if any, pain medications.

We received one story of a patient with advanced pancreatic cancer, who the day before he died, ran a board meeting at his office.

He took his first pain medication one hour before dying. He also wrote a letter to Ozelle Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the company that makes Anvirzel, thanking them for the extra time he was given and the quality of his last days.

Sadly, if the medical community wants to bury this new drug, they can.

Drug companies are already trying to buy it out, and probably bury it. Paranoia? Look at the history of Hydrazine Sulfate.

The battle goes on. In Mexico, some clinics claim to have access to Anvirzel.

We have been given the original formula that Dr Ozelle worked with in Turkey. It is NOT Anvirzel; we call it Oleander Soup. 

Anvirzel was in Phase II trials, but because of a lack of funding, the trials have been put on hold.

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